A time arrives in the life of every true seeker when it is not enough to simply believe in God. The greatest need is to know God.
Flower A. Newhouse

The Retreat

A 655-acre Nature Cathedral

Questhaven Retreat

Questhaven Retreat is a secluded nature preserve located in the coastal wilderness of San Diego County, providing a sacred setting for individuals and groups of all faiths to experience peace and renewal.

Sincere seekers visit throughout the year to harvest its energies and wisdom, prayerfully walk the labyrinth and trails, stay in one of the many cottages, and draw closer to God in the beauty of nature.

The Training

The Way of Christian Mysticism

The Christward Ministry

The Christward Ministry is a spiritual training center, dedicated to sharing the universal, esoteric teachings of the Lord Christ as taught by Questhaven's founders, Flower and Lawrence Newhouse.

Following the path of Christian Mysticism, we strive for a direct experience of God through a deepening relationship with the Living Christ. We emphasize learning and living the Christward Way.

The Mystic

Flower A. Newhouse, Founder

Flower A. Newhouse

Flower A. Newhouse is a well-known twentieth-century Christian mystic. She wrote and lectured extensively to reawaken humanity to the reality of the Living Christ, the Inner Worlds and the Angel Kingdom.

Her exceptional synthesis of inner perception and Christ-centered character was consecrated to the rediscovery of esoteric truth and the training of students in the way of Christian discipleship.

Easter Retreat 2015

Becoming Outposts of Consciousness For Christ


It is this concentrating upon and loving and revering and following the real Lord Christ that enables the Christ nature to slip into us.
Flower A. Newhouse, Ash Wednesday, 1968


Lessons that have been impressed on Flower A. Newhouse

Wednesday Night Services–7:30 p.m.

IconFeb 18 Ash Wednesday An Inner Understanding of Lent
Reverend Flower A. Newhouse
We begin Lent with the first class of the series given by Rev. Flower A. Newhouse from her Ash Wednesday talk in 1968.

IconFeb 25 Outposts of Consciousness–Opportunity and Challenge of Growing Old Wisely
Rick Plant
To regain and be the role as wise elders in a culture denying the need for wisdom will require our willingness and ability to provide it. It begins with the responsibility of completing ourselves and living the ageless immortality deep within our being.

IconClosing by Rev. Phyllis Isaac on Growing Old Wisely taken from her personal journal entries.

IconMar 4 Outposts of Consciousness–Be Forever Expectant of the Good
Karin Graybeal
As we move through our lives, we are blessed with so much Grace. The good that is bestowed upon us is constant and if only we could always recognize what is so lovingly given, we would never forget to be expectant of the good. Inevitably, as we follow life's pathways, we will meet dark events or situations, but let us remember that light is always hidden within them.

IconClosing Meditation by Rev. Flower A. Newhouse from Ash Wednesday in 1968.

IconMar 11 Outposts of Consciousness–Never Count the Cost
Sarah Graybeal
As we travel the spiritual path and endeavor to grow closer to God, we are given many opportunities to love. Once we can learn to love without thought of return, recognition, or cost to ourselves, we will know a freedom and a joy that will allow our spirit to soar to new heights of Being.

IconClosing Reading by Danielle Isaac about Flower's Encounter with The Lord Christ.

IconMar 18 Outposts of Consciousness–We Are to Express Spiritual Love as Widely as Possible
Richard Boult
As man has love in his heart for all life, he becomes an outpost for God's Will, for God's Thought, for God's Interest toward all creation... Nothing can happen to man that is so wondrous, or so important, as that he feels God's Will and God's Love coursing through him as benediction for the whole of humanity and creation. (paraphrased from The Heart's Symbolic Function, by Flower A. Newhouse, 1962)

IconClosing Words from one of Questhaven's sponsoring Masters.

IconMar 25 Outposts of Consciousness–To Help Others Lighten Their Load and Climb
Laurel Rivera
When we encounter those who are trying to grow spiritually, it is our responsibility to share whatever will help them to 'lighten their load and climb.' Rather than focusing on their struggle, with love and the help of the Holy Spirit, we discern what words, actions, prayers they need to rise above their present circumstances.

IconClosing Words from Flower and Lawrence, and Raphael.

Sunday Services–10:45 a.m.

IconFeb 22 Outposts of Consciousness–Improving our Speaking and Thinking
Reverend Blake Isaac
In our quest to become outposts of conscious for Christ and the Great Ones to use, we begin by exploring the tremendous influence of thought. When we understand that our thoughts create an energy that influences the outcomes in our lives, then the need for more constructive and creative thinking enters our consciousness. Our next challenge is then to improve how we relate these thoughts to others through our speaking.

IconMar 1 Outposts of Consciousness–Facing Our Fears and Anxieties
Reverend Lucy Wold
While it may seem easier and far more comfortable to run from, suppress or repress our fears, facing them allows us to integrate them into our lives. No longer resisting our fears frees us to be who we truly are and enables us to be more loving and effective Outposts of Consciousness for the Higher Ones.

IconMar 8 Outposts of Consciousness–Cutting Through Our Chains and Fetters
Reverend Hal Lingerman
The 46 days of Lent offer each of us an opportunity to work on areas in our life that need refining. These shadowy sides of us need to find integration in our larger expression. We will discuss ways to bring our shadow into the Light.

IconMar 15 Outposts of Consciousness–Drawing Closer to God and Being Open to Him
Reverend Elizabeth Wood
The Masters have told us that the greatest need of our incarnation is to go from 'believing' in God to 'knowing' God. As outposts of consciousness for Christ we realize that our whole journey on this lowest plane consists of our conscious return to our Parent Source, drawing ever closer to God.

IconMar 22 Outposts of Consciousness–We Do Not Attain What We Want. We Attain What We Are
Reverend Miara Wiltshire
Our highest attainment in life is the realization of who we truly are. As we walk this ever deepening and expanding process, Christ Light brightens within us and we overcome false desires and concepts we hold about ourselves. The season of Lent is charged with energies to help propel us forward, so that we are freer to become more of our true and pure Self.

IconMar 29 Palm Sunday In Christ's Way–Build an Altar, Pitch a Tent, Dig a Well
Reverend Blake Isaac
Christ lived in worship of God, and placing His whole being in the light of His eternal Creator. Every act, every word, every thought was given to glorify God and make real God's Presence through Him. What a wonderful opportunity we have then in following the Way of Christ! Let us gather all the tools of spirit and build an altar, pitch a tent and dig a well in His name.


Apr 3 Easter's Coronation (a play exploring how the Angel Kingdom views Christ and His victory by Flower A. Newhouse) and Holy Communion

Apr 4 A day to honor the Christ

Apr 5 Easter's Victory–Christ Risen Within Us
Reverend Jonathan Wiltshire

The mystery behind the life of Jesus reveals the steps to our own ascension. Each Easter is a joyous celebration of His victory over darkness and His coronation as Christ. It is also a significant reminder that His loving spirit is now within us enlivening our own Easter victory. With our Lenten climb complete, may we declare with greater realization this Easter sunrise, 'The Lord has risen, He has risen indeed within me!'

Easter Retreat 2015 Flier

Questhaven Celebrates 75 Years!



This year is Questhaven's 75th Anniversary! In celebration, here are some of the plans and special events for this year.

Lent (beginning on Ash Wednesday, February 18)

A series of Sunday talks and Wednesday night classes exploring lessons that have been impressed upon our founder, Flower A. Newhouse.

Theme: Becoming an Outpost of Consciousness for Christ

Easter Retreat (April 3–5)

Featuring Holy Communion and a dance drama written by Flower A. Newhouse entitled Easter's Coronation–the view of Christ and His victory from the perspective of the Angel Kingdom.

A Questhaven Spiritual Trip to Europe (May 19–June 9)

A group of 30 travelers make their way through Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland, for Castles, Cathedrals and Lords of the Mountains.

Vernal Retreat (June 19–21)

Theme: Inner Perceptiveness

75th Anniversary Retreat (August 7–9)

Theme: Dedication and Gratitude

Michaelmas Retreat (September 25–27)

A Celebration of the Angel Kingdom

Christmas Retreat (December 18–21)

With a very busy year ahead, it is easy to get lost in the day-to-day activities and events. Let us remember that while the events are wonderful markers of the year, the real gold is in how we are learning to live in greater alignment with God.

As Flower was evolving from one incarnation to the next, she went through many varying experiences that helped prepare her for the founding of Questhaven. One of those was in the mystery schools with the Master Pythagoras. Beyond learning, the emphasis of that school was on living.

The Great Ones told Flower in 1950, addressing those who come to Questhaven, See to it that Truth channels you so that you can verify that to which you testify.

May this year find us finally gathering the over-ripening fruit on the spirit of being and live and verify all that we have been given. In that way, we truly will be the watchmen on earth for Christ and His great Hierarchy of Perfected Ones.

IconThe Questhaven Story–A Saga of Triumph and Faith
Joy Day

IconSongs from the House of Pilgrimage
Flower A. Newhouse Biography by Dr. Stephen Isaac

Christmas 2014

Christ, The Magnet of Our Return

As Christmas approaches through the Advent season, we have an opportunity to draw even closer to our Lord Emmanuel, the Living Christ. His nativity is really the unfolding of our nativity through Him. Our Lord brings His influence upon our continual rebirth and transformation.

The days which precede and include Christmas shall be consecrated to the deepening of spiritual Love for all the Lives which God has created and the handiwork He has made. From the practice of such inward preparation, may we be filled with the spirit of peace, love, and of reverence for God. Then with clear-sightedness and accelerated intuition we shall approach Christ's day to testify through His inner cleansing.
Flower A. Newhouse


Nov 16 Christ Magnetizes God's Light in You–Rev. Hal A. Lingerman

The weeks of Advent offer everyone many accelerated opportunities to draw closer to the Lord Christ and all the Company of Heaven who are inspiring and encouraging us to waken all our God-given spiritual capacities.

Nov 23 Responding to the Starlight Rays of Our Soul–Rev. Blake Isaac

Flower A. Newhouse said "A soul that is active in us is dwelling in a wonderful world, a world of Light, a world of power and beauty and creativity such as we know nothing about in this dimension." Like a star to shine its reflections of God upon us, we need to learn to listen and respond to its rays of hope and promise. Let us explore how we can do this in ever greater ways.

Nov 30 Keeping Vigil: The Mystical Practice of Wakefulness–Rev. Jonathan Wiltshire

The word vigil is derived from Latin meaning wakefulness. It is more than staying awake, being on guard, or sitting up with one who is in need. Throughout the history of religion vigil has been an important aspect of the holy quest. It's a way to find our inner strength, to know divine intercession, to discover that silence is not empty. The Christmas season calls us to the silent night, the holy night, and vigil.

Dec 7 The Annunciation of Mary–Julie Hilt

And Mary said, My soul doth magnify the Lord, and my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Savior. For He hath regarded the low estate of His handmaiden: for behold, from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed. Luke 1, 46-48 (KJV)

Dec 14 Walking in Oneness: Christ and You–Rev. Miara Wiltshire

How exquisite is the stillness that reveals His nearness. For the Spirit of our Lord walks with us guiding our discovery of life's sacredness. Let us find that stillness, feel His nearness and welcome that which He brings. Behold! The Light of Christmas is in our midst.

Dec 21 (Christmas Retreat) Joy to the World, the Lord is Come!–Rev. Blake Isaac

If we desire a deepening understanding of Christmas as an inner experience, it calls for each of us to expand our understanding into the mystery of the Christ office. From Lord Maitreya to the first Christmas, we begin to sense the growing immensity of the one who came to fulfill the prophesies–Lord Emmanuel, the Living Christ. With great joy, the world sings out for the Lord has come.

Christmas Retreat Flier

Advent Flier

Receiving more this Christmas

A Grateful Heart

Happy Thanksgiving

A Gift That Keeps On Giving

The Art of Expressing Reverence

Through Spiritual Love May Christmas Come

Michaelmas Retreat 2014

Honoring the Angels


Let us commune with the reality of Angels, and be open to the purity, the wonder, the mystery and the almightiness of their God-given life and purpose.
Flower A. Newhouse

On the wings of Angels we are lifted following our Michaelmas Retreat experience this past weekend at Questhaven. The opening service Friday night beautifully prepared us for a higher awareness of the Angel Kingdom through words, music, dance, and a creative portrayal of souls, representing each of the seven rays, being awakened to their life purpose and guided by their Guardian Angels.

Participants had an opportunity on Saturday to explore a deeper connection with their own Guardian Angel as well as other Angels through activities, which included proprioceptive writing and creating mandalas, followed by sharing and lunch. In the afternoon there was time for deeper meditation and reflection as we gathered in the church for sacred silence interspersed with Flower's insights on the Angels set to uplifting music. The day concluded with a group labyrinth walk, followed by a sharing in the Academy.

Sunday's service was filled with the music of Angels through the handbell choir, the voice choir, the congregation, and a sacred dance. Four of our beautiful women ministers led the service with Rev. Myrna Triggs opening, and Rev. Lucy Wold, Rev. Elizabeth Wood, and Rev. Miara Wiltshire each sharing a different aspect to increase our Angel awareness. The retreat concluded with a potluck lunch that filled the Friendship House to overflowing with joy and fellowship as old friends reconnected and new friends were discovered in our ever-growing spiritual family.

Honoring the Angels


For me it was a gentle, soothing quiet weekend. I felt a wonderful feeling of peace after we played the bells on Friday. Randy's meditation (on Saturday) led me deeper into a tangible aspect of presence, so much so that I just wanted to sit and enjoy the feeling. There was a beautiful vibration throughout the grounds at Questhaven during this Michaelmas. I felt directed to the posted sayings about Angels on the grounds. A truly lovely experience, and you could feel the love and thought put into the music, dance, and guided activities. May our shared presence manifest as peace to all my brothers and sisters at Questhaven.

During the proprioceptive writing, I felt my Guardian come through strongly. As She directed me, my hand seemed to fly across the page and expression came freely and bountifully. I was so deeply touched by Her tender, warm and compassionate response to my inquiries. I experienced healing on many different levels. What a blessing it was! I am so grateful.

Michaelmas 2014 Flier

Michaelmas 2014 Newsletter

Michaelmas 2014 Highlights

Masters Silent Retreat 2014

Honoring the Masters


Practice the stilling of the entire self. You must command your body to be still, and your energies or nervous electrical impulses. Stillness, when commanded of the emotional nature, means restfulness and purity in that department. It is mental stillness which amounts to an emptying, a draining out your own thoughts where it is possible, which requires your greatest effort. When the mind is perfectly calm, and open and emptied of the negatives with which you might fill it, then it is a mirror for the soul to work upon and reflect through from its own superior height. You are attentive to the purpose of your concentrations. You will quiet yourself and liberate yourself in order that through emptying you can be filled from Our Wellsprings. The mind, therefore, will be in control of the whole man and yet will, as sentinel, point to the everlasting. There is a reason to be quiet and point to the everlasting. There is a reason to be quiet and attentive. The reason is attunement to the threshold of God Consciousness. Remind yourselves frequently of your reason and let the door open itself to release its power.
The Wise and The Strong

The Masters' Purpose and Blessing Through Questhaven

There is a purpose behind all evolving life that calls for refining and perfecting. It is a spiral journey leading to mastery. A wonderful reality dawns with the knowing that there are humans who have achieved such perfection over their lower vehicles and personality-selves. They work with our Lord Christ to awaken humanity to the presence of God. These Masters also work with spiritual groups in various ways to deepen and inspire their highest ideals to come forth. Let us explore Their impetus behind Questhaven, for this is Their Work.
Reverend Blake Isaac

Sharings from Attendees of the Masters' Silent Retreat

Each year the connection I feel with the Masters deepens. It was profound to read through my journals from previous years and see how true guidance really did come through for my life.

This retreat was an opportunity to go much deeper into oneself and connect to God through the wisdom of the Masters.

The whole weekend culminated in an inspired idea for a new direction to help release some old wounds for which I am deeply grateful.

The Path of the Masters

Vernal Retreat 2014

Exploring Diving Beauty in Nature and Art


Take in everything before you and let your eyes be drenched with beauty, and as you love beauty in a reverent way it becomes a sacrament to you.
Flower A. Newhouse

A weekend of experiential events to increase our awareness of Beauty as an aspect of the Divine is an ideal preparation for our summer travels, both outwardly and inwardly.

June 20 – Church of the Holy Quest

A unique meditative tour to the inner side of Earth's mountain regions as clairvoyantly observed by Flower Newhouse. Richard Boult, devoted student of Flower's and a well-traveled lover of nature, led us on this holy trek, followed by an inspired sacred dance by Questhaven's Temple Dancers.

The Sacrament of Beauty

June 22 – Church of the Holy Quest

The retreat concluded with our Sunday devotional service and a summarizing talk, "Reflections of Divine Reality–A Sampling of Beauty Expressed" by Rev. Jonathan Wiltshire. Service included inspired gathering of music, art and reverent adoration of the Most High.

Reflections of Divine Reality: A Sampling of Beauty Expressed

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April 3-5: EASTER RETREAT 2015 (Flier)

Sunday Program

ImageSUNDAY SERVICES are held at 10:45 a.m. in the Church of the Holy Quest. Services include music, choir, meditation, prayer, and an inpiring message.

IconListen to Podcasts of past Sunday talks.


Apr 3 Easter's Coronation (a play exploring how the Angel Kingdom views Christ and His victory by Flower A. Newhouse) and Holy Communion

Apr 4 A day to honor the Christ

Apr 5 Easter's Victory—Christ Risen Within Us
Reverend Jonathan Wiltshire


Apr 12 Opening Our Hearts to the Divine Feminine
Merrily Boult

Apr 19 Introvert/Extrovert: Honoring Your Way of Being
Reverend Lucy Wold

Apr 26 Christ and Rumi
Reverend Hal Lingerman

May 3 The Adventures of Inner Travel
Reverend Myrna Triggs

May 10 Flower A Newhouse and Her Songs of Deliverance
Reverend Miara Wiltshire

Annual Retreats

WEEKEND RETREATS are held annually to honor the Living Christ, the Angel Kingdom and Nature with devotional services, performances and activities.

ImageEaster Retreat
April 3-5, 2015
Easter is the most powerful of our sacred days as we celebrate the Christ Resurrection and honor Him with Holy Communion and Easter Sunrise Service.

ImageVernal Retreat
June 19-21, 2015
We honor the Summer Solstice to usher in the change from spring to summer and celebrate the Beauty of God through art and nature.

ImageMichaelmas Retreat
September 25-27, 2015
Michaelmas is the Feast of the Angels where we celebrate and express our appreciation to these glorious Hosts of Light through dance and music.

ImageChristmas Retreat
December 18-20, 2015
Christmas symbolizes the birth of our Lord in our own beings. We celebrate His birth with a Candlelighting service to honor and draw closer to our Living Christ.

Ongoing Activities

IconView our Calendar for an up-to-date list of current Activities, Classes and Workshops being offered.

ImageIconPaneurhythmy is danced every Thursday at 8:00 a.m. and Sunday at 8:30 a.m. near the Labyrinth. This sacred dance of life unites heaven and earth through a series of movements in rhythmic circular walking dance. Learn more.

ImageIconWorld Prayer takes place every Friday at noon in Chapelito. We invite you to join our prayer circle, linking with other "pray-ers" to form a beautiful chain of energy encircling the world, blessing and transforming world circumstances.

ImageIconWisdom Classes are held seasonally on alternating Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. in Chapelito for serious students. These devotional classes are dedicated to the path of mastery that all life is evolving upon. We draw insights, instruction and meditation from Those who have achieved evolution's goal of perfection.

ImageIconPranic Healing Clinics are conducted on the first Sunday of the month, except on holiday weekends, at 1:00 p.m. in the Questahven Academy. Learn more at pranichealingsd.com.

ImageIconFinding Your True North Classes are held seasonally on Mondays at 1:00 p.m. in the Academy. Classes include lessons on meditation and prayer to support our mysticial journey with Christ. Sign Up Now for our Online Classes and purchase the "Finding Your True North - Ways Into God's Presence" Resource Kit.

ImageIconServers in Action Days are held on the first Saturday of each month from 9:00 a.m. until noon, when lunch is served. This is a wonderful opportunity for fellowship and service.


Questhaven and Questhaven Retreat are owned and operated by
the Christward Ministry, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Any amount you spend or give in love helps preserve the nature, heritage and expression of Questhaven. We have operated in this way as a nonprofit with no membership since 1940.