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Today's Meditation Watchword

"God, let Thy mighty heart beat into mine, and let mine answer as a pulse of Thine."
George MacDonald

Flower A. Newhouse

Today's Inspirational Message

Compiled by Reverend Hal Lingerman

Gather Others Together in the Christ Spirit

How often I would have gathered your children together
as a mother hen gathers her brood under her wings,
and you refused!

Matthew 23: 37b

Gather spiritual knowledge

Hunger for Truth as you would hunger for food. Have fresh approaches and an eagerness to gather knowledge. Whatever you read that impresses you, write down in your journal. Copy the words you want to remember and go over them in your mind. In this way knowledge becomes wisdom because you are impressing on your consciousness - elements that fill you with wonder, awe and reverence - golden nuggets that you appreciate.

Improve your devotions. Learn to exercise your Mastership

Does your practice of devotion have depth? Prayer, meditation and dedicated acts give power from yourself to the world at hand - the more you do, the richer you become. Practice a form of devotion that brings keynotes of nutriment to you. In devotion the more you practice livingness of yourself to the Whole of Divinity, the richer you become. By the giving of yourselves the cause of good of God and of our Lord Christ,... as you take something each day and do it in service to the Christ. Because you have opened your gates, the Higher comes through to the person you are praying for.

Live the consecrated life

When we try to live the life, (we live) in the synthesis of the God Light coming through from the very highest level, the level where God Complete dwells, is all here, and we have all those dimensions within us. Connect yourself up with what you face in power and beauty and wonder....There is that out there which has music, color and design and intelligence and attunement.... Live every day conscious of this Otherness, this great Otherness that enfolds us. As we do this consciously, we don't have to try to be honest, truthful, filled with integrity, reverence, humility, unselfishness. We will belong to this ever-living Intelligence, Wisdom, Being and Presence.

Live for the Glory of God and let the Glory of God shine through. Open your mind and being to That which is greater...and more wonderful. Be stretched and strengthened with an electrical power that we couldn't have unless we knew of these inner realities and stood up true to them. Every time we have an impure thought or a conniving thought or an aggressive or an ambitious thought, we know that it is from the pits and the low valleys.

Every time we have a wave of unselfishness, aspiration, purposefulness and resolve, it is coming in as well as coming from ourselves. The Divine in us has opened us to the Greater, which then recharges the Divine in us and helps us to accomplish what we needed (to accomplish).

Excerpts from Flower A. Newhouse
Flower A. Newhouse, Holy Expectancy: Living the Life

Flower A. Newhouse