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Michaelmas Retreat Highlights

Angel Companions: Our Divine Gift

We are unceasingly in the presence of Angels, wherever we are, because Their mission is the well-being of life on earth. They far outnumber us—a remarkable fact in itself to dwell upon—and are instantly aware of our needs and our receptivity. Whenever we are facing tests or adverse circumstances, Angelic assistance is immediately present, whether we are conscious of Their ministrations or not.
Flower A. Newhouse

The joy of Michaelmas still bathes the grounds of Questhaven. It is always a wonderful experience to feel the heartfelt response of the Angels as each of us tune in to Their reality in greater ways. Throughout the weekend, we presented a series of short dance dramas to illustrate how the Angels work with humans to help us through the challenges of life. One such person was Rachel who recently was diagnosed with breast cancer. The scene began with her Kindel Archangel sharing about her plan for life as her Guardian Angel led her into our church to process her grief.

Dorothie Bleth choreographed the closing scene which features the three human souls that received Divine help and inspiration from a variety of Angels.

Video: Retreat Finale presentation

Michaelmas 2016 Flier

Weekend Retreats are held annually at Questhaven to celebrate the holy festivals of Easter, Christmas, Michaelmas, and the Vernal season.