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Those who are devoted to God should study the lives of mystics. They provide their readers with the primers of illumination.
Flower A. Newhouse, The Quest

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February 2017

We pray to make of Lent a time of true inner growing
Flower A. Newhouse

Could you use a Song of Deliverance?

The Questhaven Dam is full and overflowing!

Dear Spiritual Family,

I do not know about you, but I sure could use some Songs of Deliverance to help my journey toward Easter. What a wonderful title Flower A. Newhouse chose for one of her favorite books! It calls to the Soul in each of us to have our full beings rise and live higher—a wonderful call note for our Lenten journey.

Every Wednesday evening and Sunday service of Lent, the speakers are choosing their favorite chapter from this book to present and bring alive through their own life experience. This is a great time for each of us to read these vibrant chapters before each service and work together to live more readily toward their ideals. As we do, perhaps we will gather the promise of Flower's closing words of the first chapter:

As purity of motivation is matched by the will to penetrate the barriers that separate one from God, then the wonderful event takes place—man begins to know and see God.

What a glorious adventure awaits!

Your Brother in Christ,

Reverend Blake Isaac

Lenten Wednesday Schedule

All classes begin at 7:30 in the Chapel of the Holy Quest at Questhaven Retreat.

March 1 (Ash Wednesday)

Conquest of Egocentricity
Robert McGurk

At-One-Ment with Nature
Richard Boult

March 8

Recipients of the Light
Randy Nixon

God's Presence in our Midst
Rebecca Nixon

March 15

Our Daily Opportunity: Meditation, Leading to God's Plan for Our Life
Mary-Ann ErskinePourier

The Infinite Within Man
Traysi Spring

March 22

Spiritualizing Our Homes
Laurel Rivera

Rafael Rivera

March 29

Re-Creative Living
Lizz Lang

Attaining Spiritual Consciousness
Karin Graybeal

April 5

Gwen Hulbert

The Importance of Doing
Dean Kelley

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The Adventure of Lent

(paraphrased excerpts from a 1956 Ash Wednesday talk by Flower A. Newhouse)

Inspiration Point Sunrise

We want during this Lent, an ideal Lent to come forth in which all of our being will look up toward the Presence of the Lord, who is Indwelling, who has been lit by the light of God, God the Whole, this glorious spiritual God Presence that is within us, and so we give much thought on doing two things. First, cultivating, through acknowledgement, spiritual worship and tuning in, an association with that pure and unbroken part of us, the part that's always been patient, always serene, always full of spiritual trust, always content to do God's will. We work on cultivating the friendship and the awareness of the purifying Spirit of the God Presence within us.

At the same time during Lent, we are most conscious of the extremes and excesses and negativities, which affect our ability to remain clear and sensitive instruments. The Spirit is never intense. It is the most relaxed part of us, along with the Adonai and the Soul. These higher aspects of our being contemplate Eternity continuously and they are in touch with the rhythms of power and beauty. There's no competition, no hurrying in their realm. It is from the personality level down, from the mind downward to the physical that we know these other extremes.

Self-denial has a very constructive value, and we must not forget it for a single moment. To one who voluntarily denies himself, and is gentle, and comes to quietness when all of his nature has been rampant with energy and talkativeness, to this one who works to overcome his personality self and allows the refining powers of Spirit to transform him, Lent is one of the high times. It is comparable to initiation and we can all choose it, if we so will.