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Your highest tribute to the Lord Christ is a worship of His Spirit through the living of His Spirit.
Flower A. Newhouse, Here Are Your Answers (Vol. 3)

Sunday Podcasts

Sunday Service Audio Recordings

Sunday talks delivered by our ministers and guest speakers are recorded weekly and made available here for listening in case you miss a service. Services are held each Sunday at 10:45 a.m. in the Church of the Holy Quest.

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SpeakerPodcastOur Kinship with Animals: Exploring the Universal Language of Spirit
10/15/2017 by Dan Willis

All expressions of life form a divine matrix of Light and energy, a matrix of Consciousness, in which all consciousness is interdependent and interconnected. We and the blessed animals share the divine connectedness, Light and Love of God and within that sacred connectedness, there is communion. As always, pets are welcome inside the church, as we explore our spiritual kinship with animals.

SpeakerPodcastEmbracing the Sacred in Life
10/08/2017 by Reverend Miara Wiltshire

Something beautiful happens when we embrace that which is sacred in life. We relax from the stresses of the outer world and open to the wonders of God. Healing, deeper responsiveness and a consecrated life become ours more readily; and the words of Christ, ''Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all shall be added unto you'' become real for us.

SpeakerPodcastMichaelmas: Worship with the Angels
10/01/2017 by Reverend Blake Isaac

Flower has brought through so many insights on the Angel Kingdom. Today is a celebration of that as we give an overview of the many waves and orders of Angels that serve God on this planet. As each celestial group is sounded, a world prayer will go forth from this order as a blessing before God. May we join in this Sunday and worship with the Angels.

SpeakerPodcastMichaelmas: Angels That Bless Us in Our House of Worship
09/29/2017 by Michaelmas Retreat

Michaelmas Retreat Friday Night Service hosted by Reverend Blake Isaac and Dan Willis, with music by Questhaven Handbell and Voice Choir and 'Angels That Bless Us in Our House of Worship' Presentation.