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Christmas Retreat Highlights

Christ, Our Beckoning Star

Those of you who know Christmas as an inner experience are conscious of the fact that when you step into the Christ current, you are made whole. You are transformed. Something drops away from you and you are emptied of a weight that you carried earlier, but that the Christ spirit lifts. Let us now draw near to our Lord's spirit with a true heart, not just with yearning or an effort to be spiritual or to feel something but with that true heart of devotion. He isn't wanting us to experience any kind of phenomena. He is wanting us to approach him rightly. That's all he asks. Draw nigh unto the Lord with a true heart.
Flower A Newhouse

A glorious weekend of music, movement, workshops, caroling and candlelighting took place, celebrating the birth of our Lord Christ.

Christmas Retreat 2016 Flier

Almost every follower of the Christ admits a need for some symbolic ceremony. Beside our daily meditations and steady attendance at those lectures and services we require, a continued observance of significant sacraments furnishes us with sufficient incentive to achieve our highest in this life.
Flower A. Newhouse, The Quest